Clubhouse and Grounds


Offering a selection of hot and cold drinks, cake, and hot snacks, we hope to make your visit to The Falcon Shooting Club more enjoyable. For a small price you can warm up with a cup of tea or a cup of soup; or cool down with a cool drink of bottled water or cans. We even make the tea or coffee and the serve the food for you!

In the chilly months, we have some heating but the clubhouse may still get chilly. As such warm clothing, appropriate footwear and your woollens are recommended. We do offer seating inside and outside the clubhouse depending on your personal preference. Please note smoking is only permitted outside the clubhouse. 

In the summertime we are aiming to have tables and chairs outside as well as evening shoots; offering a pleasant atmosphere and a stunning view for a summer evening.

*please note times of evening shoots and menu will be available closer to the time. 

In  our sign in room and office you are able to pay and sign up for your rounds. We have the desk manned by a member, this is the perfect opportunity to ask any questions and raise any concerns you may have. We aim to answer all your queries, however we may have to refer you to a fellow member. 

You are also able to purchase fibre wad cartridges for the club price of £6 a box. This price is available to everyone, not just club members.

***Please note we are a fibre wad only ground. Incorrect cartridge use may result in disciplinary action.***