About us

We are a family friendly shooting club that want to encourage all people to have a go at Clay pigeon shooting. 

We do not have a minimum or maximum age for shooting the shotgun, we only ask that they can follow instruction and strong enough to lift the shotgun and take some recoil from the shot. We are eventually hoping to open an air rifle range on the grounds for those looking for an alternative shooting method. This is part of our continuing development plans for the club.

On site we have a spacious shooting area with different stands set up for different shot types. These are currently rotated on a fortnightly basis, however depending upon the feedback we receive the course may remain the same for the following week with alterations to the speed, meaning that you can practise the shoot and improve your score whilst still having a challenge.

We want the shooters, friends and family that come to the grounds to be as comfortable as possible. Our club house is equipped with real flushing toilets with sinks, ear defenders and a small cafe offering a range of cakes, hot and cold drinks and hot food. This will vary week to week and further information is on our Club house page.

The Falcon Clay Shooting Club had previously existed at our previous home in Wroxall. However, due to circumstances we have moved to the stunning grounds in Staverton. Thanks to a few members of the original club that wished to keep the club going we have now expanded and opened it to anyone who wishes to shoot; this can be on a membership  basis, non-members or 'have a go'. We would also like to encourage the younger generation to join to keep the tradition and spirit of Clay Pigeon shooting alive and well throughout the coming years.

We are committed to making the experience as enjoyable as possible for everyone -Including those who wish to support family and friends but not shoot themselves. The Clubhouse, cafe and stunning views will allow them to enjoy the experience and time whilst waiting. Alternatively, should they wish to watch they are welcome to so long as they stay in a safe position, wearing ear and eye protection whilst in the shooting area.

Members and experienced non-members are welcome to complete rounds of their own accord. We do ask that club and safety rules are followed at all times ensuring the safety of yourself and others. 

Novices (Have a go) will be provided with tuition given by a member including safety and methodology. You will then be given a 'loan gun' and taken around the course whilst being given tips and hints to improve your shot. This is included in the price of the 'have a go' option, further information is available on the price list page.

Our reception and sign in desk will be manned by a member who is able to take payment for the rounds, provide information and answer any queries you may have. We do ask then when leaving a stand if the clay level is low that you inform us so that we are able to ensure all rounds are completed smoothly and not disrupted waiting for refills. You are also able to buy boxes of shells at a club only price, this is open to everyone not just members. 

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us or visit us at the club for our fortnightly shoots. The shooting calendar is available on our price list page.