Club and Safety Rules

Falcon Clay Pigeon Shooting Club Rules

 1. Fixtures are subject to change at short notice owing to the unforeseen circumstances. It is recommended to check the website before travelling.

2. Members are requested to help with setting up buttoning scoring and clearing way.

3. Traps are dangerous only authorised members should refill work with the traps or go range side of the safety tapes.

4. Guests are welcome to attend all club shoots but are not eligible for prizes.

5. Christmas shoot is open to all, everyone is welcome.

6. Cups will be awarded the highest score at a club shoot. (If applicable)

7. Handicap cups will be awarded to the member attaining the highest combined score (targets plus handicap) at the respective cup shoot. (If applicable).

8. In the event of equal scores, the time may be resolved by shoot off at the discretion of the shoot captain.

9. First score to count. Re-entry scores are ineligible for cups.#

10. The scoring system will be as per the CPSA technical rules.

11. Members will be required to produce their shotgun certificate and shooting license upon renewing their club membership this certificate must be current. Details will be recorded by the secretary.

12. Visitors will be charged a one off surcharge payable in addition to cost of a round. All fees will be agreed at the AGM.

13. The shooting anything other than the clay targets is forbidden during the process of issue. Pattern plating, shockproof testing of materials et cetera; will only be conducted after the normal shooting activities have ceased. During these activities follow will be adhered to:

          A. All participating members will wear eye protection.

          B. Due regard will be given to the shot deflecting/rebounding nature of the surface being used or tested, absorbent material being preferred. The likely ultimate direction of any shop should be assessed.

          C. See all other nonparticipating members and attendees should be at least a hundred yards away and out of the line of fire and adjudged deflection packs.

           D. A safety officer must be present to review the setup and oversee the activity.

14. Fibre wad ammunition must be used at all shoots.

15. Please stay on the marked routes and paths. You should not stray off the paths for any reasons call a member of the club.

16. New shooters will be accompanied by a member of the club.