Easter Shoot - a BUNNY prize!

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Hi all,

This weekend saw our first Easter themed pool shoot. A pair of simultaneous rabbits, going away from the stand angled away from each other. The prize was a small pot of money and a chocolate bunny!

Many though they were impossible to shoot because it presented a narrow silhouette of the rabbit and not a side on view which is normal. As the pool shoot progressed the average score was 3/10. Then a wild 4/10 was hit and we thought they were the winner.

Then Gary (Chicken lips), muttering that he had a terrible round on the 30 bird sporting took up his position. He first shot ‘killed’ the hardest rabbit and lost the second.

2nd pair: KILLED

3rd pair: KILLED

4th Pair: Kill/lost

Our congratulations to Gary, for a fantastic round. He is well deserving of the prize and we hope you enjoyed the chocolate!

Please note we are hoping to have more themed shoots in the future; sign up for our newsletter to be informed of upcoming events. We also have a calendar stating future shoots and events that is updated regularly.

Our next shoot is 8th April, which is a 50 bird sporting and a DTL.