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  1. The Weather kindly held off this Sunday to let us have our 50 bird sporting, ABT and pool shoot. Talking of which, ‘the pool shoot’ (despite a slow start) was hotly contested towards the end of the morning! Always, good to see that there is still a competitive spirit in a friendly atmosphere.  The score sheet below shows a clear winner, well done Rob – as seen shooting on our pool shoot stand below.

    We had a new trap (first time it’s been used since we started at the current grounds) working from the top of a container for this week’s pool shoot which proved as little troublesome. We hope it didn’t give anyone of the shooters too many problems as it should get better with use.

    I believe the ABT proved a challenge this week, made much harder with the open back drop of the fields in the shooters view. I could not tell you who the top gun was, so if anyone know drop me a line?

    The 50 bird sporting top gun was Ron, again with 40/50, 1 ahead of Ian Berry and then Daniel Deakin with 38/50. Interestingly some of the young shooters, Daniel being one of them, expressed a desire to beat Ron’s score and will be chasing him for the top gun spot. Again nice to see a competitive spirit in younger members when they are being told ‘It’s the taking part’ that counts…. yeah right.  

    The next shoot on the 6th June, should be another 50 bird sporting with a driven element. A little further to walk, however should be worth it! Also a tower shoot if the weather (wind) allows for the pool shoot.


    Looking forward to seeing you all next shoot!





    Shoot 22.4 2


    Shoot 22.4 1

  2. Last Sunday’s (8th April) shoot was a 50 bird sporting and ABT with a little Irish mist (rain).

    The ABT shoot went down well, some good feedback so will be on the agenda a couple more times.New guy to FCPSC shoot this week Greg Byrne managed 45/50 on the sporting and straighted the ABT I believe twice, so well done to Greg.

    We are hoping the weather will get better to dry out the fields so we can move further down the cutting and put on a 75 and 100 bird sporting.

    Next Sunday 22nd April will be another 50 bird sporting and depending on the weather DTL or pool shoot.